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Whether your an investor or a landlord looking to liquidate your portfolio with one property or multiple properties, or a financial institution, Bank, Credit Union, with have properties that are in foreclosure, or if your considering doing a Short Sale, Deed-In-Lieu, Individuals who may have inherited a property you DON’T WANT or just want to sell your home quicly.

We can handle your real estate asset; assigned it to an Asset Manager, provide occupancy checks, handle CFK’s, Property Management Services, etc. We can even sell your property TENANT OCCUPIED with new buyer assuming the currently lease.

Selling via Auction, we understand that you want the MOST MONEY for your property, in the shortest amount of time.  Depending upon the property, we can sell it via Reserved Auction fairly quickly. Why sell your property via Auction? Because the property sells fast, in less time than traditional, you know when your going to sell the property & close.

Are you “TIRED”  of all the “FOOT TRAFFIC”, “SCHEDULED SHOWINGS”, OR EVEN WORSE, “UNQUALIFIED BUYERS” OR “NO SHOWINGS”?   We get it, sometimes “MANY” PROPERTIES OF ALL TYPES”,  simply DO NOT  sell the “Traditional” way.  However, as real estate has started to evolve seller’s, buyer’s and investors are looking for an alternative way of of buying and selling via the “Status Quo” or “TRADITIONAL WAY” of selling their properties. However, most real estate companies nowadays, are reluctant to diversify their ways of selling properties for Homeowners, Landlords or Business owners, because it means “Change” in the way a company does business.   If you’re interested to see if your property qualifies for selling via auction, please fill out the form below.  Also, please search for our upcoming Auctions.

AuctionIt.cc is owned by:
Willingham Real Estate, LLC
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Francine Willingham, Broker owner/Licensed Auctioneer/Senior Asset Manager
over 20 years I have the knowledge and experience to Auction your property.
Please note: we do not share, sell or exchange anyone’s email address, cell phone number or personal information.

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