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Auctions are ‘CHANGING’ how real estate is being sold!

Auction It!

Was added to our sister companies Willingham Real Estate & Viele REO & Property Management, LLC due to the growing rise, need and “Alternative” way to selling real estate. As unique as Auctions are, many people have the misconception that real estate auctions are the last resort for selling real estate. You see, although auctions do not work for all real estate deals, auctions actually works better for certain real estate deals because, Auctions actually bring in more money than “Traditional” Sales.

Our company handles all auctioning aspects of real estate from START TO FINISH! Property auctions are either held by “Reserved” or “Absolute” auction sale, depending upon the seller’s situation. Our unique selling method of selling real estate via auction has given the general public, consumers, investors and other companies a choice and different way of selling their real estate for the HIGHEST PRICE in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME! So instead of the “Status Quo” or selling the “Same Way” we also give you another creative way to sell your property, liquidate your real estate portfolio or sell your business.  Please search below on our upcoming Auctions.  Also, if you cannot find what your looking for, please sign up for our newsletters and when new property auctions are listed you will be notified.  Please note: we do not share, sell or exchange your information, email address or personal information.

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