Auction Advertising

Auction It! Advertising

  • When you auction your property with AuctionIt, we advertise on our auction website, other auction websites, several social media sites nationwide and the MLS (we can even advertise “OFF” market if you prefer).
  • Depending upon what type of property you have, we may ask for advertising assistance.
    • We make sure that buyer’s and investors are vetted with CASH or Pre-Qualified!  We don’t want “WINDOW SHOPPERS!”
  • We make sure that buyer’s and investors acknowledge that they have to complete their due diligence “Prior” to bidding on any property.
  • All properties are sold “AS IS” “WHERE IS” no warranties written or implied.
  • We can provide your property with a scheduled  “OPEN HOUSE” “if applicable”, for buyer’s to physically walk through your property to lessen the amount of appointments normally done  the “Traditional Way”.
  • Most properties sell within 30 days or less via CASH.  However, in certain situations, properties sell via a loan.
  • In some auction situations, we may stipulate or require that the buyer agree to  paying all back taxes or split with the seller, if a hardship exists.
  • If the property needs repairs, we may ask the buyer to acknowledge that it will be their responsibility to make repairs “after closing”.
  •  is Brokered by Viele REO & Property Management, LLC &  Willingham Real Estate, LLC.  We are agent ‘FRIENDLY” and we do pay buyer agent fees.  Agents, please make sure that you register your buyer and include your name for a buyer’s agent commission to be paid.